closeAudio() Wraps SDL_CloseAudio which closes the default audio device
getAudioDeviceNames() Acts as SDL_GetNumAudioDevices(0) and SDL_GetAudioDeviceName(..., 0) which return a name list of available non-capturing audio devices
getAudioDrivers() Wraps SDL_GetNumAudioDrivers and SDL_GetAudioDriver which return a list of available audio drivers
getAudioStatus() Wraps SDL_GetAudioStatus which returns the current status of the default audio device
getCapturingAudioDeviceNames() Acts as SDL_GetNumAudioDevices(1) and SDL_GetAudioDeviceName(..., 1) which return a name list of available capturing audio devices
getCurrentAudioDriver() Wraps SDL_GetCurrentAudioDriver which returns the current audio driver
initAudio(driverName) Wraps SDL_AudioInit which initializes the audio subsystem while specifying the audio driver used
lockAudio() Wraps SDL_LockAudio which locks the default audio device
openAudio(desired) Wraps SDL_OpenAudio which opens the default audio device
pauseAudio(paused) Wraps SDL_PauseAudio which pauses the default audio device
quitAudio() Wraps SDL_AudioQuit which quits the audio subsystem
resumeAudio() Acts as SDL_PauseAudio(0) which resumes the default audio device
unlockAudio() Wraps SDL_UnlockAudio which unlocks the default audio device


AudioFormat D enum that wraps SDL_AudioFormat defining scalar type per audio sample
AudioStatus D enum that wraps SDL_AUDIO_* status enumerations

Manifest constants

maxVolume Alias to SDL_MIX_MAXVOLUME