getCurrentGLContext() Wraps SDL_GL_GetCurrentContext which gets the current OpenGL context used by SDL
getCurrentGLWindow() Wraps SDL_GL_GetCurrentWindow which gets the current target window for OpenGL
getGLAttribute(attribute) Wraps SDL_GL_GetAttribute which gets previously set OpenGL attributes for initialization
getGLProcAddress(proc) Wraps SDL_GL_GetProcAddress which gets the pointer to a certain OpenGL function
getGLSwapInterval() Wraps SDL_GL_GetSwapInterval which gets the currently-used swap interval method for OpenGL
isGLExtensionSupported(extension) Wraps SDL_GL_ExtensionSupported which checks whether an OpenGL extension is supported
loadGL(path) Wraps SDL_GL_LoadLibrary which loads OpenGL from the given path of the library
resetGLAttributes() Wraps SDL_GL_ResetAttributes (from SDL 2.0.2) which resets all OpenGL attributes previously set to default
setGLAttribute(attribute, value) Wraps SDL_GL_SetAttribute which sets OpenGL attributes for initialization
setGLSwapInterval(interval) Wraps SDL_GL_SetSwapInterval which gets the swap interval method for OpenGL
unloadGL() Wraps SDL_GL_UnloadLibrary which unloads the loaded OpenGL library from dsdl2.loadGL


GLContext D class that wraps SDL_GLContext enclosing an OpenGL context used for SDL


GLAttribute D enum that wraps SDL_GLattr defining OpenGL initialization attributes
GLProfile D enum that wraps SDL_GLprofile defining OpenGL profiles
GLSwapInterval D enum that defines swap intervals for OpenGL