Function init

Wraps IMG_Init which initializes selected SDL2_image image format subsystems

void init (
  bool jpg = false,
  bool png = false,
  bool tif = false,
  bool webp = false,
  bool jxl = false,
  bool avif = false,
  bool everything = false
) @trusted;


jpg selects the IMG_INIT_JPG subsystem
png selects the IMG_INIT_PNG subsystem
tif selects the IMG_INIT_TIF subsystem
webp selects the IMG_INIT_WEBP subsystem
jxl selects the IMG_INIT_JXL subsystem (from SDL_image 2.6)
avif selects the IMG_INIT_AVIF subsystem (from SDL_image 2.6)
everything selects every available subsystem


dsdl2.SDLException if any selected subsystem failed to initialize


dsdl2.image.init(everything : true);